Well I will have to give up my Keto plan unfortunately due to gallstones. Everything has to change but I have to focus on what is good for me now.  I will probably have to have my gallbladder taken out ASAP since I have had more then one episode of severe pain.  It couldn’t have come at a worse time with my insurance changing soon for the worse.   I am hoping to get well soon and begin a new plan for the rest of my life.  I will be talking about a new subject but still regarding healthy ways to improve how we live, eat and put happiness into our lives again.  We all go through junk from time to time in our life’s but we can always find support from others who experience similar miscomings.  I am learning how to find these support groups which help in overcoming the ups and downs we all share .

If you would care to follow my blog or respond I am open to all communication.  Let’s be there for each other,  I also got your back .  😇


Count Your Calories

Getting closer to sixty now and ready to retire (HA) well I wish. I love music# of yesterday and today, not sure what it will be like in ten years if I am still here. I am trying to take care of myself since no one take care of yourself, sometimes it is a challenge since I have a very physical and demanding occupation. I am hoping to transition into something less strenuous on my body in a year or so but not quite sure what that will be yet. I thought perhaps something in the music industry (no not singing), I enjoy writing and reading poetry so perhaps I might write a hit someday :). The purpose of me writing this blog is to make a commitment to myself that I will continue to take of myself since I will hopefully be a grandma someday. My children mean the world to me and they want me to be around for a few more years, so I do need to focus on me and my health now and take time out. I have a hard time focusing on me but again no one is going to make me exercise except me and tell me you can’t eat that pizza anymore. If you need support I know we could help each other with this battle of the bulge. Me I have 50lbs to get rid of and I know I can do it with a little push. I will post a before and after pic but not quite there yet. Happy calorie counting and drink your water.#